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October 22, 2020

Instruments: options for isntrument vary by maker and model. Read below for further information.

Eastman instruments: Pegs, nut, and sound post are mostly finished. They are not strung and will require shop setup.

Semi-fitted bridges are included with the 80, 100 and 105 instruments and outfits. These bridges need to be adjusted for optimum height, thickness, etc. Eastman models 200 and up do not include bridges.

Free strings are included with orders of 2 or more Eastman instruments; otherwise strings are extra More details in our print catalogue.

GEWA instruments vary in their setup, as described in details of each instrument.

  • GEWApure violins, violas, and cellos are set up, ready-to-play. For bass setup, see chart below, pricing same as Eastman 80.
  • Allegro, Ideale and Concerto feature a good setup with Vision strings and Aubert bridge (or comparable choice).
  • 'Le Rideau' violins are available with or without setup, see published prices.
  • Ackert von Adorf violins are set up with Larsen Virtuoso or Dominant strings, cellos with Crown strings (or comparable choice).
  • GEWA basses have a basic factory setup but the nut, bridge and soundpost require adjustment for best playability. Fingerboards may also require dressing. SuperSensitive Red Label strings are usually provided. (GEWApure basses are supplied with factory strings).

Heffler instruments are supplied with pegs semi-fitted, but no work to the nut, and without bridge or sound post.

Dealers may purchase these instruments from us as-is, or ready-to-play with Bosco setup; options are below.

Setup Our quality shop setup service is available in three levels (student, advanced, andprofessional). Price is for labour only, parts extra.


Cost of bridge, strings and parts extra (unless included with instrument)

Shipping Set-up and Shop Ajusted Instruments: Violins and violas will be shipped to the dealer strung up, ready-to-play. Cellos and basses are packed with the bridge and sound post set down for shipping (to reduce risk of damage).


These are the details of the work performed with each level of setup:

Student Setup:

  • Correct fitting and lubrication of pegs
  • Height of nut, saddle and fitting of bridge
  • Parchment installed on violin "E" string, bridge oiled
  • Installation of tailpiece, endpin and strings
  • New European spruce sound post
  • Fingerboard work:
    - Violins and violas do not inlcude fingerboard dressing
    - Cello and Bass fingerboards will be brought to minimum standards of playability.
  • Instruments are played briefly to make sure tone, response and playability are acceptable for student grade instruments.
  • If we are supplying the bridge, we use Korolia "C".

Advanced Setup: All of the above performed to a higher level of finesse.

  • Fingerboard is dressed to advanced standards, for good playability.
  • If we are supplying the bridge, Korolia "B" grade or equivalent bridge is normally used.
  • Instrument is played and any further adjustments performed for excellent playability and tone.

Professional: All of the above performed with a higher level expertise.

  • Fingerboard is dressed to professional standard(either as specified by shop or according to the back page of our instruments catalogue). For bass this can be specified for orchestra or jazz setup.
  • Korolia "A" grade or equivalent bridge is normally used for professional setups.
  • Instrument is played and setup refined until we are satisfied with the performance of the instrument.

Fingerboard Dressing (only)

Advanced Dressing: Fingerboard is dressed for good playability, and finished with tung oil.

Professional Dressing: Fingerboard accurately dressed to professional standard, and finished with tung oil.



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