The Hannabach Family Tradition: Experience in String Making

In 1869 Anton Hannabach founded a musical instrument string making company in Bohemia. After the Second World War, their factory was moved to the German province of Bavaria.

The tradition of string making has been passed down through the Hannabach family through the generations. Today, Werner Hannabach is active in the company on a daily basis and assists with product training, repairs, and custom-made strings. He has also been active in an advisory capacity on the development of new product lines and in the optimization of production processes.

And so, the Hannabach family continues the legacy in fulfilling its quest: “Sound comes first!”

Hannabach 500 Series Student Classical Guitar Strings

The latest development from Hannabach. Nylon multi-filament bass strings wound with silver-plated copper wire. Made in Germany.

Hannabach 815 Series Silver Special Classical Guitar Strings

The basis for Hannabach’s legendary reputation and their best-selling string that works great on almost any instrument, for every guitar player, in any style. Made in Germany.

Hannabach 890 Series Fractional Size Classical Guitar Strings

Specially designed for the smaller body and shorter neck of small size student guitars. Made in Germany.

Hannabach Silver 200 Guitar Strings

One of Hannabach’s most popular series, proven for years on the market. Made in Germany.